Are Arranged Marriages Better for Society?

On September 29th, a talk show about arranged marriages was hosted. For some reason, it sparked controversy. A couple of men and most women were upset about being forced to marry someone they didn’t love. Yet, over 50% of marriages fail. That means, even though most couples enter matrimony in the name of love, the […]

Wedding Food and Drink

With so many things to organise in the lead up to your wedding, it might just be a good idea to keep wedding food and drink uncomplicated. But to ensure your and your guests taste buds are satisfied, choosing seasonal and high quality food are the best things you could do. Not hard to do […]

Eating and Drinking in Southend

As befits a town with such a rich history of the travel industry, Southend is abounding with eating and drinking places that offer a rich cluster of nourishment and drink. Here are just a portion of the main eating and savoring places Southend. Two of the most mainstream eateries nearby are Tomassis on High Road […]